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How to Select an Audio Recording Interface - Home Recording
The heart of any good home recording studio is your choice of audio interface. This piece of equipment handles input and output of audio from your computer; ...
About.com: Start a Home Recording Studio on a Budget
Pro Tools comes in three versions: M-Powered, for use with lower-cost M-Audio interfaces; LE, which is designed for use with the MBox and Digi 003 products ...
Avid Mbox Mini Recording Interface - Review - Home Recording
Looking for an inexpensive, full-featured recording interface, compatible with Pro ... in fact, if you're using a Core Audio- or ASIO-compatible software package, ...
PreSonus FireBox FireWire Audio Interface - About Podcasting
The FireBox is one of the best quality audio interfaces you can buy for under $1,000.00. It shares all of the functionality with its eight input big brother, the ...
Build Your Home Studio: Get Started Recording Today!
When you get started recording, one of your first decisions should be what audio interface and software you'll use in your home studio, if you're planning on ...
Review: Propellerhead Balance and Reason Essentials
When starting a home recording studio, you'll probably be shopping for an audio interface. Audio interfaces come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and track ...
2012 Readers' Choice Awards: Best Audio Interface
Are you an audio engineer who found an awesome recording interface last year? Nominate it for the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards in Home ...
What is MADI? - Home Recording - About.com
Definition: MADI -- or Multichannel Audio Digital Interface -- is a recent development in digital audio transmission. MADI, as opposed to S/PDIF and AES  ...
Review: Samson C01U & C03U USB Microphones - Home Recording
First, you can simply plug and go -- the USB mics are recognized by both Windows and Mac as an audio interface, and it's as easy as selecting them as your ...
Audio Engineering Basics: Power Management - Home Recording
Avid Mbox Mini Interface. Courtesy Avid. When you're stocking your studio, there's a lot of things to remember to buy -- and that's not even mentioning the things ...
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