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Mixing Vocals in Pro Tools | About.com Home Recording
Looking for an easy guide on how to EQ vocals when recording and mixing? Check out our easy guide to mixing vocals, including compressing, equalizing, and ...
How To Mix Music: Four Things To Avoid
As you begin your journey into recording and mixing your own music (or the music of others), it might start looking easy -- especially as things keep going right ...
How to Mix Live Sound With Voltage Controlled Amplifier
If you're a live sound engineer or mixing on analog in your studio, you've probably come across boards with VCAs -- Voltage Controlled Amplifiers. Mixing with ...
Online Watercolor Mixing Palette - Painting - About.com
Get familiar with the way watercolors mix with this online color mixing palette, designed specifically for watercolor painters.
Online Color Mixing Palette for Painters - Painting - About.com
Get familiar with the way the primary colors -- red, yellow, and blue -- mix with this online paint color mixing palette, designed specifically for painters.
Color Mixing Charts - Painting - About.com
Color is fundamental to painting and learning about how individual colors mixing together is an essential part of learning to paint. Painting a chart for individual ...
Definition and Examples of Mixed Metaphors
Although many style guides condemn the use of mixed metaphors, in practice most of the objectionable combinations (as in the examples below) are actually ...
Mixing Bleach and The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Share Your ...
When I looked it up on Google (about mixing bleach and toilet bowl cleaner) I realized what i was smelling was chlorine gas...... yikes!!! So I opened the windows ...
Mixing Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Ammonia - Share Your Story ...
After about 1 second of researcher the internet, I realized I had done a very stupid thing: mixed bleach and ammonia. Luckily, I had no harm done to myself.
What Are Mixed Metaphors - Examples and Cliches
As defined in our glossary, a mixed metaphor is a succession of incongruous or ludicrous comparisons. When two or more metaphors (or cliches) are jumbled ...
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