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How Can I Get a Job in the Music Industry?
Create a Job - Many people get their start in the music industry just by doing their own thing. Let's say you want to be a promoter. Don't wait around for a ...
Behind the Scenes of a Music Industry Internship - Music Careers
If you hope to work in the music industry some day, then an internship is a great start. A music industry internship gives you the chance to meet people who can ...
Music Industry Facts Every Musician Needs to Know - Music Careers
There is a lot of misinformation out there about the music industry, and if you are trying to break into the business, this misinformation can be a real problem.
Music Industry 101 Guides - Music Careers - About.com
These Music Industry 101 Guides will help you navigate the industry quickly, learning the basics you need to know to make those crucial next steps. Browse the ...
Music Industry Job Descriptions - Music Careers - About.com
Record labels are a huge part of the music industry, but that doesn't mean you have to work for a label if you want to work in the music business. Learn about ...
Choosing a Music Industry Job and Career
You know you want a job in the music industry, but which job is the right one for you? There are many different music careers you can choose. Learn more about  ...
Find a Music Industry Internship - Music Careers - About.com
A music business internship can be a great way to learn about the music industry and make connections that will help you find a job in the music industry.
Six Tips to Impress at Your Music Business Internship - Music Careers
Music business internships can be the first step in landing a music industry job, but you've got to impress at your music industry internship if you really want it to ...
Which Music Industry Job Is Right for You?
There are tons of different ways you can get involved in the music industry and lots of different music jobs you can do. This guide should help you narrow things  ...
Music Industry Myths: You Can Do It All Yourself - Music Careers
There are tons of myths about how the music industry operates, and when you're trying to break into the business, these misconceptions can send you down the ...
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