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What You Need to Know about The Music Industry - Music Careers
There is a lot of misinformation out there about the music industry, and if you are trying to break into the business, this misinformation can be a real problem.
How Can I Get a Job in the Music Industry?
Answer: Ah, how to get a job in the music industry. It's the million dollar question, really, and unfortunately, it doesn't have an answer. Despite what some people ...
Choosing a Music Industry Job and Career
You know you want a job in the music industry, but what exactly do you want to do? There are lots of different jobs in the music biz, and just because you love ...
Music Knowledge versus Business Knowledge in the Music Industry
What counts more to make a living in the music industry - music knowledge or business knowledge? Should you be hip to music trivia, hip to supply and demand ...
Do You Need a Degree to Work in the Music Industry? - Music Careers
The short answer is no. But it's not that simple. The answer really comes down to what music industry job you want to get and what your goals are.
Music Industry Myths: You Can Do It All Yourself - Music Careers
Music industry myths can get you off track in a big way when you're trying to get your music career off the ground. In this installment of music industry myths, ...
Music Industry Myths - Myths About The Music Business
There are tons of myths about how the music industry operates, and when you're trying to break into the business, these misconceptions can send you down the ...
Behind the Scenes of a Music Industry Internship - Music Careers
If you hope to work in the music industry some day, then an internship is a great start. A music industry internship gives you the chance to meet people who can ...
Five Tips for Dealing with Substance Abuse in the Music Industry
The music industry is not the non-stop party they often depict in the movies, but the truth is that that reputation exists for a reason. The annals of music history are  ...
How Do You Get Paid in the Music Industry
Sure, you're in music for the love of it, but eventually you're going to want to know how to get paid in the music industry. Find out more about music industry ...
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