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How Can I Get a Job in the Music Industry?
Create a Job - Many people get their start in the music industry just by doing their own thing. Let's say you want to be a promoter. Don't wait around for a ...
Five Tips for Dealing with Substance Abuse in the Music Industry
The music industry is not the non-stop party they often depict in the movies, but the truth is that that reputation exists for a reason. The annals of music history are  ...
Things About The Music Industry Musicians Should Know
Choosing any career path is a big deal, but deciding to take a shot at the music industry is an especially major step. Working in music is more than just a 9 to 5 ...
Music Industry Myths: You Can Do It All Yourself - Music Careers
There are tons of myths about how the music industry operates, and when you're trying to break into the business, these misconceptions can send you down the ...
Choosing a Music Industry Job and Career
You know you want a job in the music industry, but which job is the right one for you? There are many different music careers you can choose. Learn more about  ...
Music Industry Business Rules - How to Get Ahead - Music Careers
Here's a hard truth: whether you're trying to break into the industry or you're already there, working in music involves lots of cold calling/emailing. Some people ...
How Do You Get Paid in the Music Industry
Making money in the music industry isn't always as simple negotiating a salary and waiting for your paycheck to come in. The pay structure of many music ...
Things to Avoid Spending Money on in the Music Industry
It is astonishingly easy to get ripped off in the music industry. Music business scams abound, and people trying to break into the industry make ripe targets.
Music Knowledge versus Business Knowledge in the Music Industry
What counts more to make a living in the music industry - music knowledge or business knowledge? Should you be hip to music trivia, hip to supply and demand ...
Do You Need a Degree to Work in the Music Industry? - Music Careers
You do not need a degree to work in the music industry. That's the short answer, however, in reality, it's not really that simple. The answer really comes down to ...
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