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Jerry Harvey JH16 Pro In-Ear Monitors

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Jerry Harvey JH16 Pro In-Ear Monitors

Jerry Harvey Audio JH16 Pro

Courtesy Jerry Harvey Audio

The Bottom Line

The JH Audio JH16 Pro is certainly one of the best-sounding in-ear monitors I've ever used. While it's reminiscent of Jerry Harvey's previous Ultimate Ears designs in terms of clarity and accuracy, his new developments in passive crossover technology and efficient multi-driver designs make this monitor one of the most practical designs yet. With a spectacular low-end punch, sparkling highs, and lush, lifelike mids, the JH16 Pro is just as at home in the studio as it is on-stage. Priced at $1,195 it's still within the reach of home studios and weekend warriors, while also being preferred by entertainment's elite.


  • Highly efficient eight-driver design
  • Superior low-end handling and accuracy
  • Perfect fit, depending on quality of impressions
  • Highly portable and affordable compared to traditional monitors


  • Requires custom fit, which can take refit time to get right
  • Somewhat expensive initial investment
  • Emphasized low end may not be right for all users' needs; JH13 Pro offers less bass emphasis


  • Eight-driver in-ear monitor design with state-of-the-art miniature passive crossover
  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz
  • Highly efficient combination of dual double lows, double mids, and dual highs
  • Hand-tuned to the individual user's ear canal for superior isolation and monitoring accuracy
  • Crisp, clean sound signature with wide soundstage and powerful sub-like bass

Guide Review - Jerry Harvey JH16 Pro In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitoring has become one of the most-talked-about topics in professional audio circles. They're catching on with performers, engineers, and audiophiles everywhere as a way to deliver monitoring with a customized sound signature, a custom fit, and superior value compared to traditional stage or studio monitoring. In-ear monitoring makes a lot of sense for working musicians on a strict budget; part of their popularity comes from the fact that they offer unprecedented versatility, a must when spending needs to be kept to a minimum.

The JH16 Pro is the top-end model from Jerry Harvey Audio. If the name sounds familiar, you probably know him from his stellar reputation as the head of Ultimate Ears, who was sold by Harvey to Logitech a few years back. After taking some hard-earned time off, Jerry opened for business again, this time offering improved versions of his classic Ultimate Ears designs, as well as his new custom-fit options. The JH16 Pro is the top-end model, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

The JH16 Pro is an unbelievably complex design. Featuring dual highs, dual mids, and quad lows hand-tuned to the individual user's ear canal geometry.

After meeting with Jerry and having my ear impressions shot by one of his associates, the JH16 Pro arrived in a perfectly-sized carrying case, custom engraved with my name. The first thing you notice is the build quality, carrying on the manufacturing standards that Jerry insisted on during his years at Ultimate Ears. The shells looked fantastic with no visible flaws, and the cable was the standard two-pin in-ear-style cable that most manufacturers use.

While it's certainly an attractive monitor -- and there's countless customization options for colors and artwork -- the best part is the sound.

These monitors have an absolutely awesome sound signature. Perfect for both stage and studio, the JH16 Pro offers a very crisp, clean sound signature with accentuated (but not overly hyped) lows. While the low end may not be appropriate for all monitoring applications when a more flat monitor is preferred (based purely on the personal preference of the user), it's low end is both fun and accurate. It's not just more bass, it's a much more efficient handling of what's already in the source material, resulting in a very strong delivery of low end.

The JH16 Pro absolutely sparkles for personal listening as well as on-stage monitoring. And for cases where the emphasized low-end isn't necessary, while I haven't heard it directly, I'm sure the JH13 Pro, with it's slightly less emphasized low-end, would be a perfect fit for almost every stage performer looking to go in-ear; it's also the perfect on-the-go alternative to traditional monitoring speakers for home studio applications.

The JH16 Pro is available now, directly from JH Audio, for a price of $1,195. This price does not include impressions, unless you're lucky enough to catch up with Jerry and crew at one of the many trade shows that JH Audio attends.

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