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Duplicating & Distributing Your Music

After you've recorded your masterpiece, you probably want to distribute it! These tutorials will help you find the right place to duplicate your project on CD (and even cassette or vinyl!), and distribute it, both physically and electronically.

How can I get my music on Spotify?
Spotify is one of the most exciting new apps in the music streaming world; it lets you stream whole playlists of songs you select, much like having a limitless mp3 library right on your computer. In this article, we'll walk you through how to get your independent music on Spotify.

How To Digitally Distribute Your Album
Selling your album on the iTunes Music Store is a lot easier than you might think. In this article, About.com's Joe Shambro walks you through how to sell your album on iTunes, eMusic, Napster, and other digital distrbutors. It's never been a better time to go indie and distribute your music digitally!

Duplicating & Distributing
A quick tutorial to duplicating and distributing your music project recorded at your home studio, geared towards the working musician.

CDBaby.org - Resource For Independent Musicians
A great resource and message board for independent artists, ran by one of the larger retail advocates for independent musicians, CD Baby. Great tips for musicians of all genres.

The CD Recording FAQ
A great FAQ about the CD-R medium.

Tips For Turning CD Duplication Into A Profitable Side Business
A great article from the Small Business Brief on turning your computer into a source of profit in the CD duplication game.

CD Manufacturing Urban Legends
A great read by Mike Jones, CEO of CD Forge, about the myths and urban legends surrounding CD duplication and distribution. A great article for working musicians getting their CD release ready.

DiskFaktory Tips & Tricks
A great resource from one of the most respected CD manufacturers for independent artists.

What is Replication?
If you're releasing a CD, chances are you're trying to find the difference between replication and duplication. In this article, you'll learn quickly and easily the differences between replication and duplication.

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