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Heil Sound PR-30 Dynamic Microphone

The Heil PR30 is a very unique microphone; it represents a new way of thinking about dynamic microphone technology, backed by the experience of one of live sound's greatest innovators, Bob Heil. The PR-30 is an ideal microphone for guitars and vocals -- and, surprisingly, one of the finest drum overhead mics I've ever used. Check out this full review on About.com!

Heil Sound PR-40 Dynamic Microphone

The Heil PR-40 is one of the first microphones I've tried in a long time that could quality for the title of "secret weapon"! The PR40 is a spectacular microphone on studio vocals, kick drum, bass amp, and any other source where articulation and solid low-end are in demand.

Review: KAM Instruments C3 Microphone

The KAM C3 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that packs a powerful punch in a small package. Offering a crisp, airy sound without being harsh or brittle, the C3 works best as an instrument microphone, with studio vocals being a close second. Read more at About.com.

Review: KAM Instruments Atmosphere Microphone

The KAM Instruments Atmosphere condenser microphone is a fantastic microphone, priced at $159. The KAM Atmosphere shines on female vocals, live instruments, and ambient recording; packaged with minimal accessories, the KAM Instruments relies on simplicity rather than compromises in performance to achieve it's low price.

Review: Waves Eddie Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors Bundle

In today's digital mixing world, it's often hard to replace that old analog characteristic that many classic recordings made famous. Now, thanks to Waves, it's possible: with the Eddie Kramer Tape, Tubes, and Transistors plug-in bundle. Read a detailed review of the Waves Eddie Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors Plug-In Bundle, available in both TDM and Native formats.

Review: Waves OneKnob Series Plug-Ins

A review of the full Waves OneKnob plug-in series, compatible with Logic and Pro Tools, offering superior-quality processing without the hassle of multiple parameters -- perfect for audio engineers needing a quick, simple, and full-featured arsenal of processors with a limited budget.

Review: Propellerhead Balance & Reason Essentials

Looking for a small, compact recording interface with full-featured sound quality? The Propellerhead Balance -- packaged with Reason Essentials -- is an excellent choice for any project studio looking to record live tracks in a small space. About.com's Joe Shambro takes Balance for a test drive.

Review: Avid Mbox Mini

Looking for an inexpensive, full-featured recording interface, compatible with Pro Tools? The Avid Mbox Mini is an excellent choice, featuring a world-class microphone preamp, great-sounding converters, and a portable, USB-powered design. Check out the full review at About.com

KAM Instruments Fidelio 6.5 Studio Monitors

A hands-on review of the KAM Instruments Fidelio 6.5 Studio Monitors, a fantastic pair of studio monitoring speakers well-suited for studios at any stage of evolution. Check out the detailed review here at About.com.

Audio-Technica AT4022 Review

Audio-Technica has long been considered a top choice for working musicians and audio engineers, with high-quality products offered at reasonable prices. The brand new AT4022 continues this trend -- offering precise performance at an affordable price.

Tascam DR-680 Portable Recorder Review

The Tascam DR-680 is an absolutely awesome machine -- four microphone inputs, two analog inputs, and two digital inputs in a small, battery-powered portable box. How does it stack up to the competition and, most importantly, how does it sound? About.com's Joe Shambro takes it for a test drive.

Future Sonics SofterWear Custom-Fit Sleeves

The Future Sonics Atrio are an affordable in-ear monitor with quite the reputation for being some of the finest-quality monitors available. The custom-fit SofterWear sleeves are a way to bring yourself into the custom-fit monitor world with a very minimal investment. About.com's Joe Shambro reviews the SofterWear in detail.

Samson CO1U & CO3U USB Condenser Microphones

Think USB microphones sound too easy to be true? Plug these condenser microphones into a USB port, open your sound recording software, and you're all set to go. But how do they stack up to their more conventional counterparts? About.com's Joe Shambro takes the new Samson USB microphones for a test drive.

Shure Beta 98 D/S Microphone Review

Recording drums -- and mixing live drums -- is always a challenge, but with great tools, it becomes a lot easier! The Shure Beta 98 D/S is a fantastic microphone for toms, snare, and ust about anything else you can clamp it to. In this article, About.com's Joe Shambro takes the Shure Beta 98 D/S for a test drive.

Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro Custom Monitor Earphone

The UE-11 Pro is one of Ultimate Ears' flagship monitors. Four drivers and a passive crossover network custom-molded to your ears, the UE-11 is a perfect product for home recording studios, professional musicians, and live sound engineers. About.com's Joe Shambro takes the UE-11 for a test drive and reports the results.

Korg K25 USB MIDI Keyboard

The Korg K25 is a cool little keyboard; offering 25 keys with a simple USB MIDI interface, the K25 allows small studios a value-priced way to get cool sounds while recording. How does it stack up to the competition? About.com's Joe Shambro takes the K25 for a test drive.

Review: Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors

In collaboration with Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, Ultimate Ears has released the Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Reference Monitors, designed to carry on the legacy of the UE-10 reference monitor with a nod to the monitoring quality required to work in the world's best studios. About.com's resident audio engineer Joe Shambro takes the UE In-Ear Reference Monitors for a test drive and writes this review.

Zoom H4 Portable Recorder

With impressive sound quality and ultra-portable design, the Zoom H4 -- big brother to the H4N and H2 -- is a remarkable portable recorder. In this review, we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of this affordable entry into the portable recording world.

Review: Shanghai ShuaiYin Electronics SYC-100

As inexpensive condenser microphones become even more inexpensive, the quality level continues to rise. Check out this review of the latest entry from Shanghai ShuaiYin Electronics, a popular OEM manufacturer of condenser microphones. The SYC-100 is advertised as a very "414-like sound". See and hear the full review!

Review: ACS T2 Custom Monitor Earphones

A full review of the fantastic ACS T2 monitor earphones, designed primarily with stage performers in mind. Made of full silicone, the T2 is one of the most comfortable custom-fit products on the market, bringing stellar sound quality into a small, comfortable package.

LiveWires Dual-Driver Custom Monitors

The LiveWires Dual Driver Monitors are a unique product aimed at working musicians: a high fidelity, dual-driver custom-fitted in-ear monitor, well within financial reach of anyone paying their dues in the recording industry, as well as aspiring audiophiles looking to move to hi-fi monitors. Check out this full review!

Future Sonics Atrio Earphones Version 2

A review of the new version 2 of the Future Sonics Atrio M5 and M8 professional in-ear earphones, utilizing Future Sonics' outstanding sound signature for use in personal listening and stage monitoring.

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition Backup Drive

Review of the Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition external backup hard drive, which connects to your Windows or Mac OS machine through USB 2.0, FireWire 400 or FireWire 800.

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