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Hearing Conservation - Protecting Your Most Important Instruments

All too often musicians and sound engineers fail to understand the importance of a very serious topic - hearing conservation. Protecting your ears and understanding the dangerous effects of loud music is of huge importance for those making a living in the music industry. In this guide you'll learn how loud music affects your hearing, and how you can be responsible to keep rocking for years to come.

All About Earplugs
So you understand how hearing works -- but how do you protect it with the right earplugs? Take a look at some options, from inexpensive earplugs to custom-fitted musician's earplugs!

The Basics of Hearing Health & Protection
A guide to understanding and protecting your hearing for musicians and audio engineers.

Shure Notes #8 - Interview with Michael Santucci
A great interview with Chicago-based audiologist Michael Santucci, owner of Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, a manufacturer of earplugs and in-ear monitors for musicians. Great tips for hearing conservation.

H.E.A.R. | Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers
A phenomenal charity promoting hearing conservation & health for working musicians.

National Hearing Conservation Association - Home
The home page of the National Hearing Conservation Association. A great resource for more specific information about hearing conservation in general.

OSHA Noise & Hearing Conservation
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration webpage on hearing conservation and noise levels in the workplace; a good read with much more detailed information in regards to industrial hearing conservation.

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