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Ear Training & Test Tones

Free Downloads To Help Hear Better


What's Ear Training?

Ear training is important equally for musicians and sound engineers; being able to tell frequency apart from another in an accurate way is really important to recording, mixing, and doing live sound. Musicians train on perfect pitch; audio engineers should train on perfect frequency recognition. Why is this important?

First, being able to identify frequencies is vital to being able to mix well. Second, you'll be much better at live sound applications - especially controlling feedback - if you can identify frequencies. And, understanding where your hearing falls in way of sensitivity or attenuation of certain frequencies will help you avoid compensating for hearing issues when mixing.

How To Use These Tones

Burn these tones to a CD, or place them on your portable music player. You can use them to help identify and learn frequencies apart from others simply by hearing them. Make mixes - quiz yourself on the frequencies you hear. You can also use them as calibration tones for live sound equipment. It's up to you what you use them for - let your imagination do the work.

Download Free Test Tones

Note: These downloads are in .wav format. Please don't convert these files into .mp3 format; .mp3 format is a lossy compression format, and doing so will harm the accuracy of the frequency tone you're hearing. Here's a list of test tones, beginning at the low bass frequencies (20Hz) to the high treble frequencies (20Khz).

Download Test Tones

Low Frequencies
20 Hz
30 Hz
40 Hz
50 Hz
60 Hz
100 Hz
Mid Frequencies
200 Hz
500 Hz
1000 Hz
2000 Hz
5000 Hz
High Frequencies
8000 Hz
10000 Hz
12000 Hz
15000 Hz
16000 Hz
17000 Hz
18000 Hz
19000 Hz
20000 Hz

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