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Microphone Placement Guides

Selecting and placing microphones is the most important part of any recording! Making sure that you're armed with the right knowledge to make the right choices the first take can save you plenty of valuable time. Here you'll find a collection of guides on basic microphone placement for a variety of instruments and recording situations.
  1. Mic Tips For Guitar (2)

Microphone Selection: Condenser vs. Dynamic Microphones
A guide to the different types of microphones, and the difference between condenser and dynamic microphones.

Guitar Amplifier Microphone Techniques
A guide to placing a microphone on an electric guitar amp for recording and live sound purposes. Microphone selection and placement is covered, as well as maintaining proper guitar tone for recording.

Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie Tone Cabinet Microphone Techniques
A guide to microphone placement on the Hammond B3 organ, one of the most diverse keyboard instruments! Topics include microphone selection, placement, and tweaking for both studio recording and live sound.

Acoustic Guitar Microphone Placement
A guide to microphone placement and selection for recording and amplifying acoustic guitar.

Grand Piano Recording & Microphone Placement
A quick how-to on the simplest technique for recording a grand piano at home.

Microphone Selection: Recording a Live Show
A guide to recording a live show, including microphone placement and positioning.

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