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Mixing Your Music - Achieving A Professional Mix At Home

After you've recorded the perfect song, you're only halfway there! Mixing is where the magic really happens, and where the most of your time is likely to be spent. Getting the perfect mix is a challenge, but with these tutorials, a professional quality mix at home is completely within your reach!

Deconstructing "Superstition"
Sometimes, less is more -- especially in today's world of high-track multitrack recording! In this article, we deconstruct the 16-track masters of Stevie Wonder's hit "Superstition" and learn why "less is more" when recording!

Free RTAS Plug-Ins
If you're like most people recording on a budget, you find software to be one of the most expensive parts! But don't pirate -- check out our list of the best 100% FREE RTAS plug-ins for Mac and PC, fully Pro Tools compatable!

How to Mix Your Music
If you're just starting to mix music, you'll probably find yourself very frustrated with the basic elements. In this article, we take a look at the basic elements of a good mix -- and how to get it right the first time!

How Do You Double Guitar Tracks?
Doubling guitar is one of the most common tricks used by recording engineers worldwide. It's something that gives any recording a professional touch -- and it's easy to achieve in your home studio. About.com's Joe Shambro walks you through this very easy technique -- equally easy in Pro Tools, Garageband, or Logic.

Mixing Vocals in Pro Tools
Looking for advice on recording and mixing vocals? Check out our tutorial on mixing vocals, complete with a downloadable session file for Pro Tools. You'll learn how to compress, EQ, and mix vocals to perfection!

Mixing In Pro Tools - A Beginner's Guide
A beginner's guide to mixing in Pro Tools, complete with a session file you can download to follow along! Topics include mixing with compression, EQ, and blending sources together.

Mix Magazine
A great online magazine for those interested in the art of mixing music.

A great free magazine for those interested in studio and live sound. Offers lots of great mixing tips from the pros.

Interview With Bob Clearmountain - Legendary Audio Mixer
An interview with legendary mixing engineer Bob Clearmountain.

What are VST plug-ins?
VST plug-ins are one of the most frequently used pieces of software in both professional and home studios. What are VST plug-ins, and how can you use them?

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