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Mixing Vocals in Pro Tools


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Open the Lesson File
Open the Session File

Open the Session File

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A few words before we jump head-first into the mixing process.

Whenever recording something complex, such as vocals, there's a few things to remember. First, make sure you're using a good-quality microphone -- some engineers believe that as much as 90% of your overall vocal tone comes from the microphone, alongside recording in a good-sounding room. You won't like your results, no matter how much mixing you do, if you don't record properly first.

In this lesson with Pro Tools, you'll be opening the session file I've provided for you with both the sound files and the session layout files. Click here to download the lesson file for Pro Tools 7, and click here to download for Pro Tools 5.1 through 6.9.

Once you've opened the file, you'll notice that I've given you two tracks. One, on the left, is a piano track -- it's there to help you practice mixing vocals against something with a similar sonic range. The second track is the actual vocal track itself. The vocal track was recorded with a Neumann U89 microphone through a Vintech 1272 preamp.

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