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Mixing In Pro Tools - A Beginner's Guide


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An Introduction
Digidesign Control 24

Digidesign Control 24

Mixing in Pro Tools is one of the most challenging things you can do as a recording engineer! With this free tutorial, you'll learn how to mix the basics in Pro Tools.

After you've gotten your music tracked, you're ready for mixing. Mixing is a complicated affair for the new recording engineer, expecially once you realize it's not as easy as turning all the tracks up to the same volume!

This tutorial is geared towards users of DigiDesign's Pro Tools because Pro Tools is the most common software package used for recording and mixing in both commercial and home recording studio environments. Industry standard compatability is an important feature of Pro Tools; you can start your project in almost any studio in the world, and take it to another one seamlessly.

To follow this lesson, I've prepared a .zip file with a special Pro Tools session file, including audio files, for you to open and practice mixing on! You'll find a one minute segment of a song I recently recorded. Click here for Pro Tools 7 format, and click here for Pro Tools 5 through 6.9 format. Note: Some readers have said the Pro Tools 7.0 .zip file won't open after download; this is a server problem I'm working on having fixed; in the meantime, if this happens to you, just download the Pro Tools 6 version, it'll open fine and is backwards compatible with Pro Tools 7.

Download and open the session file in Pro Tools to get started; you'll see the entire session laid out before you. For effects, I'm only going to use the included plug-ins that come standard with Pro Tools so that everybody can play along. Let's get down to mixing!
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