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Recording Your Music: Start Recording Today


Making a great recording is a lot like cooking -- you can have great ingredients but a small budget and tiny kitchen (with a modest few tools), and any great chef can still put out a fantastic meal.

Learning to make great recordings & mixes is an art form; you'll quickly figure out that it takes a good ear and a lot of patience to make a record! Check out this step-by-step introduction to the basic techniques you'll need to get a great recording quickly and easily!
  1. The Basics of Recording
  2. All About Pro Tools

The Basics of Recording

The first thing to always remember about recording is this very simple saying: the better the source, the better the recording. You don't have to be playing a $2000 guitar to know how to play the meanest Blues lick this side of Memphis, and you don't have to have your own custom drum kit valued more than a modest car to play like Neil Pert; you just have to know how to use your instrument. The same is true with recording.

Here's some basic tips to get you started recording. Remember, patience and organization are two of the hallmark traits of a great engineer, no matter the budget in your studio!

All About Pro Tools

Of all the recording software you'll run into, Digidesign's Pro Tools is the absolute most popular. In fact, nearly all professional studios have at least one room devoted to Pro Tools!

With the introduction of Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools has also become the most popular recording & mixing software for home studios. Chances are, it's what you'll use to record and mix at home!

Check out these tips for getting started with Pro Tools. You'll even find some free downloadable session files for you to practice mixing on!

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