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Recording & Mixing with Pro Tools

New to Pro Tools? Looking to learn basic mixing and recording skills? Here you'll find tutorials that are easy to understand and follow that teach you a variety of skills using Pro Tools.

All you need to do is download the .ZIP files for your version of Pro Tools, and follow along with the tutorial!

Mixing Drums in Pro Tools
Mixing drums is complicated, especially in a home studio! With this tutorial, you'll learn the basics of mixing drums in Pro Tools, complete with a free, downloadable session file, and audio files to practice on!

How To Start a Pro Tools Session
Getting started in Pro Tools is very easy! In this tutorial, we learn how to set up a Pro Tools session, including a downloadable session file to get you started!

Pro Tools Tutorial - Mixing in Pro Tools
A guide to basic mixing techniques in Pro Tools, with a downloadable session file and audio files so you can work along with the tutorial!

Pro Tools Tutorial - Mixing Vocals in Pro Tools
The vocals are the most important part of most recordings, and getting a polished, professional sound is important! In this tutorial, we'll learn how to compress, equalize, and mix vocals to perfection, including a downloadable lesson file.

Top 5 Plug-Ins for Pro Tools Recording
A look into your guide's top 5 picks for Pro Tools plug-ins.

Digidesign, Inc - Makers of Pro Tools
Pro Tools is produced by Digidesign, Inc. in California. Check out their website for the latest tools, plug-ins, and documentation.

Pro Tools at Wikipedia.org

Pro Tools Users - Online Community
Pro Tools Users is a usergroup specifically for users of Pro Tools, regardless of your skill level. A great online community for newbies as well as experienced engineers, there's a lot of great advice to be had.

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