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Balanced Armature

Balanced Armature Drivers

Courtesy Knowles Electronics
Definition: If you're a stage performer or audio engineer shopping for an in-ear monitor, chances are you've heard the term balanced armature. Balanced armatures are the most common speaker found in in-ear monitors. They are small, lightweight, easy to drive, and sound great.

Generally, balanced armatures will be paired together to form a "sound signature"; very few balanced armatures sound good by themselves, and require the addition of other carefully-tuned armatures (exceptions are there, of course: the Knowles ED9689, a single-wideband driver, is known to be a fantastic choice for single-driver applications, and forms the base of the Etymotic ER-4, one of the most highly regarded earphones).

Balanced armatures are small and rectangular, and have a very specific frequency response per unit.

Balanced armatures are directly opposite to dynamic drivers; dynamic drivers offer a much richer sound experience, but will lack some of the overall clarity and accuracy of a properly matched set of armatures.

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