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The Taper's Section - The Hobby Of Taping Live Concerts

Ever since the Grateful Dead opened the door for tapers in the early 1980's, taping bands live has been a great way for independent bands to get the word out, and for music fans to take home a souvenir after the show. You'll learn basic tips and techniques from experienced tapers on how to get the job done easily and within your budget. Many bands today offer an open taping policy (and we'll help your band come up with one if you want, too!), and from large bands such as the Dave Matthews Band and Allman Brothers to smaller bands such as Carbon Leaf and Marc Broussard, live taping can be a great way to interact with other fans and help promote your favorite live bands.

Share Your Remote Recording Rig
Are you a recording or taping enthusiast with a portable recording rig? Are you doing remote recording as a business (or a hobby)? Share your recording rig to help inspire others.See submissions

Building a Taping Rig
Looking for advice on getting started in the world of concert taping? Look no further! This is the ultimate guide to getting started, from the ground up. Info on picking microphones, a preamp, and a recording interface are all included.

All About DAT
DAT - or Digital Audio Tape - is considered outdated in today's market. However, it's still considered a reliable, high quality medium by many. Check out our quick guide to DAT players and recorders!

Taping With The iPod?
A guide into using the iPod as a recording device, using the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo input adaptor.

Keeping Peace In The Crowd
A basic introduction to the Etiquette and unspoken rules of being a taper. Topics include dealing with the crowd, other tapers, and the bands you record.

Bands That Allow Taping - The Ultimate List
This long-consulted list of bands that allow taping - meticulously maintained by bands and fans alike - has long been the easiest place to find out if your favorite band allows taping or not.

The Live Music Archive
A free sharing site for taping-friendly bands.

The Taper's Section - Online Community For Tapers
A great online community for tapers. You'll learn a lot from other tapers, and there's also yard sale forums for those unloading used gear!

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